What It's Like Being a Plumber// Should You Become a Plumber?// How to Become a Plumber

Want to know what it is like being a plumber? Should you turn into a plumber & methods to turn into a plumber… Welcome to a day within the lifetime of a plumber! Ever thought of an apprenticeship as an alternative of faculty? Ever considered constructing trades? This interview with a plumber explains how apprenticeships work, provides a day within the lifetime of a plumber, in addition to shares some sensible get-ahead job recommendation that may apply to *ANY* commerce or discipline. Sure you may pay hundreds of {dollars} for faculty & then get a fantastic job; however do you know you will get PAID TO LEARN?!

The variety of expert staff has been taking place as the necessity has elevated. Maybe that’s as a result of recently excellent college students have been simply following the gang to school with out contemplating school options like apprenticeships, vocational or commerce faculties.

BUT “employers these days see an apprenticeship as a valuable way into a job, just like a degree. Both apprenticeships and degrees show you’re willing to learn and work hard. Both result in qualifications. … One is more hands-on, and learning through doing (www.youthemployment.org.uk/are-apprenticeships-worth-it-myths-facts/).”

“As an apprentice, you work alongside experienced staff, building up knowledge, skills and responsibility, and gaining qualifications. Apprenticeships are also an excellent way of gaining general workplace experience, understanding how a business works, and improving your personal and social skills (https://worksmart.org.uk/careers-advice/training-and-development/apprenticeships/what-can-i-expect-gain-apprenticeship).”

⏰Time Stamps🔑:
0:00 Preview
0:21 Cash Opportunity for You
0:37 Who’s Jordana? 😂
1:06 Meet Phil
1:19 Hold Up… Stick w/ Me
1:35 Interview
1:49 How He Got Started
3:06 Day within the Life
3:30 We’re Not Worthy (The Best)
4:16 All the Crazy Worst
6:00 Skills
7:28 The Training
9:09 Licensing
10:10 The Tests (Master Plumber License)
10:50 Advice for Any Field
11:43 Summary
Hope this helps you in a roundabout way! Thanks a lot for watching!

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