With the popularization of wet wipes, plumbers' work has increased / toilet drain pipe

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The gasoline station cleared the bathroom pipes.
Korea has a unique pipe system from overseas nations.

There aren’t any fat in the bathroom pipes of Korea.
Korean rest room pipes will not be linked to kitchen sink pipes.
Korean rest room pipes are nearly all the time clogged with moist wipes.

In our nation,
The kitchen sink pipe is clogged with grease.
The rest room pipe is clogged with moist wipes.

The cause why the pipes on the 2 strains are
clogged is totally different.

“It is identical in Korea or overseas that
it’s clogged with moist wipes.”

The spring machine winds up the moist wipes.
The snake machine is efficient on Korean rest room pipes.
There is not any grease on this pipe.

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